Happiness is…

Fresh flowers around the house

Driving with the windows down, the music blaring, and the wind in my hair

Stargazing and cloud dreaming

The smell of coffee in the morning

Laughing so hard I cry

My dog

It’s easy to get caught up in this whirlwind world that we live in.
This blog is one of the ways I stay focused on what brings me joy in life.

Living most of my life in Florida, I began traveling the world about three years ago. The only thing that keeps me coming back home is the love of my life, my Great Dane, Toby. Through my travels I’ve discovered my passions in life; Health, connection, and contribution. 

My wildest dreams include giving up a permanent residence to travel, fluently speaking multiple languages, teaching health and yoga, and giving back to the world in any way that I can. So that I may one day achieve those goals, I am currently studying for my Holistic Life Coach certification, practicing French, and traveling as often as possible. 

I want my life to be about reaching outside of my comfort zones, connecting with people, and contributing to the Earth. I want to create something positive and inspiring to share with the world, while at the same time connecting with others who’re doing the same. On the great days, the not so great days, and everything else between, I live my dream life. I want others to leave my blog, or any of my social media pages, feeling inspired to go out and lives their dream life too. 

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